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7 Best Site Under Construction WordPress Plugins

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WordPress had made it very easy for everyone to build and create their very own website, whether for business, agency, NGO, store, or just a personal portfolio. But what do you do when you have your website under construction?

You wouldn’t want the whole world to watch you as you build your website, make changes, correct errors, and upload images, would you?

If you are looking for a way of showing a coming soon page while you build your website, here are the 20 best sites under construction WordPress plugins to choose from.

Site under constuction

Wait a sec.

If you are reading this, you probably just started building a website, or you own a website or blog you wish to adjust and make corrections, but don’t want to show all your work and changes to the world. Whichever is the case, you’re welcome to Highblogtraffic.

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Now Let’s Get Down To Business

Every WordPress user should know what plugins are and how they can be used to create the right user experience on their website.

If you don’t know about plugins, don’t worry at all, because you are about to read all you should know about WordPress plugins before we concentrate on the site under construction WordPress plugins are used to display a coming soon page.

A bit about WordPress Plugins

Okay, so a WordPress plugin is software that is designed to add extra functions and features to your websites when installed.

Just like mobile apps on your smartphone, WordPress Plugins are applications created to increase the functionality of your websites. Interestingly, you don’t have to learn how to write codes.

There is a plug for virtually any function you want on your website. If there is a function or feature you want on your website, there is a plugin for it. With WordPress plugins, you can do more on your website even as a non-tech-savvy.

One of these is a site under construction WordPress plugin that can be used to show a coming soon page on your website.

The official WordPress plugin directory contains thousands of both free and paid plugins and is available to all WordPress website admins from the dashboard.

All you need is to search for the plugins of your choice, install them, and activate them to enjoy their function. They can also be manually installed using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Benefits of WordPress Plugins

Using a WordPress plugin comes with several benefits both to the website and the website admin. Some of these benefits are:

  1. They are easy to use and require little or special tech skills like Coding.
  2. They save time
  3. WordPress plugins are very affordable and save you money.
  4. They increase the functionality of your websites
  5. WordPress Plugins are very flexible.

Coming Soon Page

Also, known as an under-construction page, Coming soon pages are special landing pages that are set up to interface with your site visitors while you develop and work on a website.

They are temporary and serve as your home page pending when your website is ready and good to go. A Site under construction plugin makes it way easier to get a coming soon page running without writing codes.

Benefits of a Coming Soon Page

There are a few benefits that you can get from a coming soon page when you use a site under construction WordPress plugin. Some of them include the following:

  1. You can grow your email list of site visitors with a coming soon page while using a site under construction WordPress plugin.
  2. You can also build brand awareness and promote your business on a coming soon page with a site under construction WordPress plugin before your website will be ready.
  3. With a coming soon page, your can prepare your site for google ranking while using a site under construction plugin.

Site Under Construction WordPress plugin

site under construction wordpress plugin

These plugins are specially designed to help cover up for the period your website is under construction. They are great for creating anticipation towards your website, pending when you finish up work on your website or blog.

There is quite some site under construction WordPress plugin you can pick from to display a coming soon page when working on your site. Here are the top 7 reviews that you can pick from to get the job done for you.

1. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode plugin is one of the best coming soon page plugin for websites under construction can be found in the WordPress Plugin directory. Once activated, it allows you to turn on the maintenance feature on your website with just a switch, only the admin being able to see the site.

It is a free plugin created by DesignMobo and has a multi-site installation feature.

  1. A countdown timer
  2. Customized background, colour and text.
  3. Subscription form and Contact exportable in SCV format
  4. Social media icons

2. Under Construction Page

The Under construction page is one of the first-ever WordPress plugins created for websites under construction. It was created by Web Factory Ltd and is quite easy to use. This plugin has a free and paid option and can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin directory.

On this site under construction plugins, you can enjoy the following features:

  1. You can enable the coming soon page with just a click on an On/Off button.
  2. Social media icon availability.
  3. You can easily add typed content.
  4. You can select a few people to be whitelisted to view the site under construction instead of the coming soon page.
  5. Over 400 thousand images to choose from when using the paid option.
  6. You can also choose from over 35 themes to run on your website.
  7. It allows for extra CSS for further customization to your taste.

3. Elementor Website Builder

This WordPress plugin offers you complete control over your website. With over 2 million active installations, Elementor may be considered the best plugin for websites under construction. There is a free version and a pro version to choose from.

To set up your coming soon page on Elementor, Go to tools under Elementor, choose coming soon or maintenance and then choose the template you saved earlier and click save changes.

If the free version doesn’t do it for you, you can try out the paid version which goes for as low as USD49 for personal use on one site. This will help you hype up the user experience of your visitors, and customize it to your taste.

4. SeedProd

This coming soon page and site under construction plugin has two versions too and was created by the team at SeedProd. There is the free version and the pro version. Just like many other Sites under construction WordPress plugins, you can use SeedProd to build an amazing coming soon page to entice your visitors.

It offers complete control with the ability to add custom CSS and HTML code to make your site suit your taste. Here is the best part, you can install it on multiple sites too.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance site under construction WordPress Plugin is a plugin created by FruitulCode and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory for free. You can customize your page, add a logo, add text, and change the plugin background.

The following features are available on Maintenance

  1. HTML/CSS editing feature for complete control over the site.
  2. Blur background.
  3. Exclude pages from the maintenance mode.
  4. Google analytics mode.

6. Coming Soon Page Pro

This site is under construction WordPress plugin provides countdown options to indicate when your site will be ready and accessible to the public. It also allows selective access for users, and selective access to IP addresses, and URLs on your sites.

It manages everything you need for a coming soon page and site under construction page, with an email marketing tool as well as social media.

7. IgniteUP

With only a few clicks you can set up a site under construction or a coming soon page using the IgniteUP site under construction WordPress plugin. IgniteUP site under construction comes with in-build templates and you can also install other templates with the pro version.

A premium version comes with extra priority support but cost about USD4


Site under construction WordPress plugin is quite an essential tool that adds taste and prepares the public for your website. It shows a coming soon page, a countdown, interactive forms, enticing images and a background.

You can choose from any of the above sites under construction WordPress plugins to get that awesome spark. You don’t have to wait until your site is ready for the general public before you go live. Please let me know how helpful you find this content and how I can help you get started with your website.

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