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Finally Revealed! 20 Websites To Get Free Images For Blogs and Graphic Designs

Images are worth a thousand words, but they shouldn’t cost you a thousand bucks. They add life to your blog articles, express much more than words can say, and deliver messages at first glance. If you are a blogger and graphics designer you can now run on a low budget and still get the best of images for blogs and graphic designs with royalty-free images. It’s finally revealed! 20 websites to get free images for blogs and graphic designs.

What Are Royalty-Free Images?royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Royalty-free images are photographic and graphical properties that allow a user certain rights to use and reuse the images, for a flat fee, one-time fee, or even free. They come with a license that is used by stock photographic agencies when they are sold or given for free. Many of these images are listed at a price or with a one-time premium access fee, and many are listed free for download and use without any payment

Licenses For Royalty-Free Images

Not all royalty-free images carry the same licenses and rights. Some of the rights they carry include:

1. Rights Managed (RM) – the image is licensed for exclusive use by one client for a specific period
2. Rights Ready (RR) – like ‘rights managed’ but the license can be extended further
3. Creative Commons (CC) – the image can be distributed freely
4. Royalty-Free (RF) – as mentioned above, royalty-free images can be used freely, but usage conditions vary
5. Extended License – usually offers more uses than royalty-free for a higher cost

30 Websites To Get Free Images For Blogs and Graphic Designs

If you are a blogger and/or a graphics designer, here are the top 30 websites to get free pics for blogs and graphic designs that stand out. Many of them allow site visitors to download images for commercial and general uses, even without creating an account.

1. Photocase

free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

Photocase has a very engaging search bar that helps you gain access easily to the content you need. They also offer inspirational quotes and tips communicated through their newsletter. 

2. Unsplash

Free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

Unsplash is a photo-only database of over 550,000 free high-resolution images for both commercial and non-commercial uses. It is believed that with Unsplash, “you can do whatever you want.” With no strings attached and no payment required, all you need to do is browse for an image you want and then hit the download button.

3. Picjumbo

Free image for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

With new interesting and beautiful photographs added daily, Picjumbo is a one-stop-shop for super cool and engaging free stock images for blogs. There will always be something that fits your need on Picjumbo. They also offer unique paid offers for interested bloggers, photographers and brands on request.

4. Splitshire

Free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

There are hundreds of thousands of free pictures for blogs available on Splitshire for downloads. The photographer Daniel Nanescu ensures the best of emotions and beauty are captured in every shot. It is a great website to get license-free images.

5. Pexels 

Free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

This is the best and truly free database of stock images for blogs and graphic designs. Pexels boasts of thousands of royalty-free images that are available for commercial purposes that should not make you worry when you download an image from their site. Here is the best part, no login is required. Just browse for the image you need, select your preferred image size, then hit the download button.

6. Pixabayfree images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

Pixabay is possibly one of the biggest databases of royalty images perfect for blogs and graphical designs. The variety of pictures can provide you with photographs and vector images, with other royalty-free images and contents like videos, motion graphics etc. If beautiful blog images are what you are looking for, Pixabay is the site for you.

7. Burst

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Burst is owned by the webshop provider Shopify to provide access to great images and photographs for entrepreneurs. They make images in-house and make them available under the CCO license.

8. New Old Stock

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

If unique black and white images are what you are looking for, then look no further. New old stock is the site for you. Though not all of their photographs are free, for the best of vintage shots, New Old Stock is the answer.

9. Freerange

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

This is a website that contains shots and free images for blogs pooled together by photographers who provide royalty-free images for their database of stock photos. The community has experienced growth in the past years and have provided many with good and high-resolution images for free.

10. StyledStock

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Styledstock is strictly feminine. It is the perfect website for free feminine stock images, useful female entrepreneurs. Images downloaded are free and can be used for commercial and personal purposes.

11. Stockunlimited

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Though they have a free section that offers a limited amount of blogging images, their mission is to “help you communicate beautifully without breaking your budget.” they operate a subscription-based model that allows premium access to their complete library of over one million royalty-free assets like photos and vector images. With their refine search section, you are sure to get get the exact image you want for your blog.

12. Dreamstime.com

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

They have a free section that allows for download without any payment but requires attribution when using their images online. They are the biggest stock community in the world with over 90 million stock images and more than 23 million users in the world. Their priced images can go for as low as $0.20 per download.

13. Life of Pix

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Life of Pix was created by Leeroy creative agency and offers free high-resolution photos with no restrictions. Their images are made available for commercial use. If you are looking for where to get images for blogs, Life of Pix is a good place to check.

14. Bigstock

free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.comWith Bigstock, you can download up to 5 images per day for free as part of their 7 day trial period. There are over 72 million assets to choose from, including royalty-free images and videos.

15.   Startup Stock Photos


royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

This is a website created for startups seeking to get professional looks for their brands, businesses or apps. Their contents are specially designed to give a professional appearance to newly established businesses and brands who may not be able to afford a high budget for images or to hire a model for photoshoots.

16. FoodiesFeed

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Foodiefeeds is the to-go sites for awesome food photography contents. With mouth-watery photographs, you will find pictures of foods, ingredients, nutritional selections, and cooking. The images are also completely free and can be used for whatever you want to do.

17. Pikwizard

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Pickwizard provides the public with access to high-quality free stock photography and videos that can be edited on their graphic design tool. No attribution is required, which means you can download an image and use it for commercial and non-commercial use, as many times as you want. You can download as many images for your blog as you want.

18. Picspree

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Another website with a smooth download and easy search function is Picspree. They offer excellent high-quality stock perfect for small businesses and corporate representations without worries.

19. Reshot

royalty free images www.highblogtraffic.com

Reshot is an awesome site that offers free images and is built for startups, freelancers & makers who are sick of tacky stock photos. Images on Reshot are free to use for commercial purposes and requires no attribution.

20. Grastisograpy

Free images for blogs www.highblogtraffic.com

This is another awesome website for creative and high-resolution license-free images perfect for the right project. The photographer Ryan McGuire, is a “whimsically creative visual artist, based in Ithaca, NY.”

With the right images from any of these websites, you can add the right sparkle to your website with bright, colourful, and high-resolution images, at little or no cost at all. Don’t forget to check the full license agreement for each of these sites to get more details on the rights available for their images.

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