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writing, Dreaming And Your Desire To Stay Alive And Be Happy

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Tired, aren’t you?

Tired of the noise, the advice and everything else everyone has to say.

You are practically fed up with all the lies going around the blogosphere.

Deep down, you are called out to be a writer, yes, you know you have that gift and flair, you know you have a dream. You are sure it is a calling.

But somehow, the puzzle isn’t meeting up. You are always disconnected and nobody seems to care.

You honestly wish you know what the problem is.

When you started out, you were creating heart-blazing articles, you were churning out pillar articles that can even earn you a standing ovation.

Blogging was fun.

All of a sudden. Your creative tank began growing cold, and empty and now it’s dry.  Nothing else to write, nothing else to say, and the worst part?

Your audience is waiting, your visitors, your fans, and your subscribers are waiting for you.

The painful part:

You are struggling to say something. Struggling to do what you use to do. And nothing seems to be working. You don’t have an idea how to stick to the mind of your readers anymore.

Don’t worry, in this post, you’ll discover how to break through the invincible city of silence. You’ll also discover how to be relevant and be the man of the game.

The Path to Blogging Survival

It’s no more news that there are over 200 million blogs on the world wide web right now and over 2 million blog posts are being published on a daily basis across different blogging platforms.

A million folks join the world, writing team, maybe to take a share of the blogging cake, oh yes, there’s a cake. Welcome to the city of endless noise.

The implication?

Everyone is shouting “hey! I have an article that’ll teach you XYZ”

So, what’s your chance? How do you beat the thick competition and achieve your God-given potential?

You just do not know how to position yourself as an expert and get all the attention you deserve

Well, Here’s The Truth About Writing

It’s not about having a fancy domain or blog design.

To survive in this crowded city of noise, you should know with crystal certainty that content needs to stand out

You should write articles with the ability to cause emotional shifting and strike chords in the heart of your readers.

It’s not easily granted.

But if you must win the game of popularity and influence.

Then pillar articles are the way forward.

Can I Tell You My Worst Nightmare?

An elevator lifted me higher and higher and then forward into the sea (Yeah, not exactly inside the water, but just a foot above)… I looked down and in terrible fear burst out in tears.

Oh my God! What’s happening to me? How did I get here?

The engine was taking me down in the waters and honestly, there was no need to cry because no one would even hear me.

Yes, I remember vividly, holding up a book and a pen…

It was horrible because I knew I wasn’t ready to die… I knew I wasn’t ready to bid the world farewell. I knew I have a future to live for.

Could this be the end of “great” Daps?

I was damn scared.

The most troubling part?

In fear of falling off the cliff (because I almost did) I let go of the book and pen I was holding. I stretch my hands to get them back, but I watch them float away.

I knelt in tears, wishing and praying it was not real… could this be the end of my writing? I’m I being submerged in the sea of the blogosphere? Could this also be the end of my career as a writer?

It’s sad.

And I woke up to discover it was a dream.

Listen, call it horrible, call it interesting, call it whatever you wish.

But the truth?

Dreams They Say, Have The Power To Come Through

I became totally discouraged and for days I was troubled, and I soon discovered the joy was gradually dissipating.

I have truckloads of ideas yearning to see the light of day, but I lost something very crucial and motivating. And I thought so, but I was wrong.

The problem with you.

Maybe yours is not a dream or a lack of time or ideas. And maybe you are one of the best writers in your field.

But procrastination has kept you down from starting out

And in your mind, motivation is what you desperately need, right?

Well, wrong.

Here’s What No One Has The Courage To Tell You:

Motivation does not count for much in blogging or any other profession. Yeah, you read that right. What you need to succeed is a form of consistency in learning and acting, so it becomes a part of you.

Simply put:

Keep beating on your craft until your subconscious mind embraces it

Like athletes, they never depend on motivation to win, do they?


Motivation is good and sure it can help you scale over the walls of limitation, but it might not make you a successful writer.

Prior to my horrible dream, (7 months) I wasn’t writing anything. I was blogging just for fun, even though I hope to take it forward. But I admit it was all my fault.

Maybe like me, you were fired. You stopped writing

The good news?

You can bounce back and fight for your ideas.

The bottom line?


If you want to succeed, you must keep at what you love. And you know blogging is like a job, you can be suspended, demoted or fired.

Motivation and passion are great, but consistency would eventually take you there.


Take your blogging and writing like a real business. Yes, avoid taking unlawful breaks and times off your writing hours. Do away with procrastination and shun every voice that keeps whispering failure.

The truth is:

You want to be remembered! You also want to stand out in the midst of the crowd! Definitely, you want to bid mediocrity blogging farewell!

Stop doing the dumb things everyone else is doing.

And guess what?

It’s simple and boils down to holding on and believing in your calling.

The best part?

You have the power within you. You are wise and skilful.

And you must not allow your dreams to die.

I’m back and better, churning out more valuable inspirational and unforgettable content


By leading a life so unique that I no longer need any motivation to keep me going.  And it’s easier than you can imagine.

Whenever you feel like you are losing it, stick to the routine and be consistent about the job and Time. And that’s the way out.

The Big Benefits Of Writing

Writers are not ordinary men, they entertain, educate, direct, lead and transform the world through their crafts. Yes, you can also live the life of your dream and without apology, writing is the best profession in the world and here is why…

You see, unlike medicine, accounting or law or medicine, writers stay alive even after death, their words live on.

Here on earth?

  • Writing opens door to anyone who takes it as a real Job.
  • You can be a well-paid writer and author with high prestige and honour.
  • You can be a prominent blogger, earning passive income with a million shares and comments
  • A celebrity: looking at pro bloggers like Daren Rowse, Brian Clark, Yaro Starek and the rest.

They are respected across the web and their opinion matters a great deal, above all, the freedom to live the internet lifestyle.

Blogging can earn you awards, respect and of course gives you the extra time to travel around the world and live the life of your dream.

What Truly Matters At The End

It’s not how you lived, it’s not about the reputation and respect accorded to you.


We shall all pack up ready to go back to where we came to give an account of all that was given to us.

I know you shall be ready, not because you choose to be a writer, not because you are smarter than the rest of your kind.

But because you know that your life is not about you, but the people you were able to impact with your words. The people you were able to put smiles upon. The people you were able to transform.

That is what truly matters.

And that’s exactly what you were put here to do.

Nothing more.

Hold on to your craft. Believe you can never fail and that your dream would come through.

You too can be unforgettable.

The world is waiting for the best and I hope you are one.



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