steps for building an effective blog

Compulsory Steps For Building An Effective Blog

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If you’ve always wanted to build and own an effective blog with high blog traffic, then you are not alone. You might even not be sure how to get this done. Don’t beat yourself over it.

I used to desire to build a blog and own one too some months back, and here you are, reading from my blog. How about I show you how I got this done nice and easy? These are some of the things that helped me achieve this.

Here are some simple steps for building an effective blog to get you started on your journey.

The following steps for building an effective blog are perfect for beginners on the verge of starting a new blog, and for those whose hands are at work on an existing blog but seek to make the most of it, get monetized, get high blog traffic, and keep the traffic coming to their blog.

For personalized tips on how to start a blog in Nigeria, you can trust Daps Diary for deep expert opinions. Whichever the case, take a deep breath, buckle up and let’s take a drive.

Things to know before creating a blog

5 Things to know before creating a blog

Let’s do a quick stop before we hit the road. Here are 5 important things you must know before creating that blog. You can call this blogging 101.

A niche or a personality is important

There are hundreds of thousands of other blogs out there that will compete for your proposed audience. You might want to first pause, and do a quick brainstorming on what problem you want to solve and how you want to sound to your audience. You might want to give your blog a personality that sticks, a name to remember, and a niche to demand. In simple terms, plan to be different.

Simple and precise posts

Don’t overdo it. Be simple and precise

Not everyone loves going round and round in suspense. Be simple, direct, and precise. You shouldn’t always think the longer your post will be, the better. The secret is to make them interesting, engaging and resourceful. You can make a list of what you hope to communicate and get them passed to the reader in the simplest possible way you know.


Blog consistency is importantConsistency is of great advantage

Here is an important key for building an effective blog. Employ the power of consistency. It’s important to ensure your post are regular and on time, to meet the desires and interests of your readers. Now, you don’t want to always keep your readers waiting. Consistency is how they know they can trust you. Win their trust with consistency.


Blog tittles draw attentionTitles are your first impressions

Titles are important. They make or mar your articles and posts. They draw traffic and capture the attention of your target readers. Always keep it short, catchy, interesting, actionable, and consisting of your keywords. You might want to check out the title of this post for a clue. You can put in one or two call-to-action to motivate an interest to read your article.

the importance of Comments in blogsYour readers deserve a voice too

Don’t just write to your readers, allow your readers to write to you too. Make room for comments and suggestions. Make the communication two-way traffic. Allow comments on your articles and make room to reply to them.


Good work! We’re almost there. With the basic foundational knowledge for designing a blog, things are sure to go awesome for you. Now that you know these, let’s get your blog running, shall we? To build an effective blog, you should follow the steps below:

Choosing your blog nicheIdentify a passion or niche you want to focus on

This could be fashion, music, religion, culinary, health and wellness, sports etc. It is important to love what you want to focus on and blog about. Your passion will be tested with time. You can get awesome ideas from my article on the best niche for blogging with 140 best blog niche ideas

Naming a blogDecide on a name. Naming is important for designing a blog

It’s how readers get to remember you. You can check to be sure whatever name you choose is still available and not taken by checking it with domain name providers like google domain. Once this is done, you are much closer to building an effective blog. For a business name, you can get good help from Business Name Generator

Wordpress installationGet web hosting and install WordPress or create an account with

You should install a theme and stick to it. Next, customize your blog to accommodate the type of content you hope to write. You can get this done by clicking on Customize button on your WordPress.

Optimizing a blogOptimize your blog

Incorporate good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog. Install plugins, forms and other features that will help your blogs rank high in searches and help build an awesome user experience for your readers. A good plugin for SEO is Yoast SEO.

Content reserchPrepare a list of topics you would like to write on

This is one of the most important of learning how to build a blog. Your content must be on-demand. Ensure they are things your target audience would love to read. Research your topics carefully and ensure they are resourceful and would be useful to the readers.

How to write a blog postGo ahead and make your first post

With a list of topics ready to go, now it’s time to create your first post. Try writing from your heart. Use engaging communication styles to connect with your audience, don’t be too formal. Make your posts nice and easy, simple and precise. It is important to add pictures and images to your post to draw the attention of the readers too. See where you can get free images for blogs in my article.

With your first post gone live and published, you are good to go. It is important to follow up on comments from your readers in the comment section and look out for corrections and editions on your post as you keep on researching the topics you’ve written on.

How about you leave a comment and let me know how helpful this is in building an effective blog for you? I’d be glad to read from you too in a bit.

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