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How To Make Money From Blogging in 2023

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Can you imagine making a $1,000 weekly income from blogging?

Blogging can be such a task, yet so interesting when you know the various ways of monetizing a blog to make money from blogging.

This article is for those who are seeking to build an empire, share information that will help inform a target audience on specific topics, and a name for themselves in the world of blogging while making a steady income from blogging.

The internet continues to make life better with information and opportunities at our fingertips. There are several ways to make money from blogging that pays off for the sacrifices and duty of building and managing a blog from the scratch.

If you don’t have a blog yet, then we should start from there. To earn money from blogging, you must know how to build an effective blog and the things necessary for monetizing a blog.

Monetizing A Blog

Monetization is a term used to describe the intention and process of making money from a blog, a website, or a digital asset.

To monetize a blog means to consciously set up a plan and a system that allows you to sell various goods and services on your blog, thus giving you the opportunity of making an income from blogging.

Ways to Monetize Your Blog

There are various ways of monetizing a blog to make money from blogging. If you have a blog running  and want to start earning money from blogging, you can consider the following options:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing a blog

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a brand or company’s product and services on your blog on a commission basis.

With Affiliate marketing, You make money from blogging by advertising products or services of other brands and earn money each time a purchase is completed.

Big names in the business like Daps made up to $1,000 from affiliate marketing in Nigeria In his early days. Once you monetize your blog, you too can earn income from blogging, through affiliate marketing.

2. Freelance Services

Freelancing services image

If you have a skill or personalized services you offer, what best way to draw in clients than through your blog?

A freelance service gives individuals and businesses the privilege of hiring trusted hands and minds for specific tasks and projects at an agreed amount, usually on a one-time basis.

You can make money from blogging by selling freelance services to readers in need of your unique skills and abilities.

3. Advertising

income from blogging

Many bloggers earn money from blogging through various advertising networks and agreements that allow ads to run and be displayed on their blogs.

Though you might require a high volume of visitors to hit the big mark on this one, it is a good source of income and one of the primary ways of monetizing a blog.

For starters, you can sign up with Google AdSense and follow the set-up procedure as advised by Google.

4. Online Courses

online courses

Website design mastery is an online course that has made great sales from various blog sites including dapsdigital.

If you have a course to teach, your blog can serve as a good platform to reach your target market.

All you need do is to design a course outline, prepare and produce your course contents, design and website to host your course online, and then sell them on your blog to make money. It’s like advertising your very own product on your blog.

5. Sponsored Review

Monetizing a blog

Just like the name implies, you can make money from blogging through sponsored reviews. You write and publish product reviews on your blog, at a price.

There are lots of businesses and producers willing to pay a lot to bloggers. Be ready to influence your readers towards using and purchasing their products.  Write engaging reviews that will initiate a purchase on your blog.

To earn money from blogging through sponsored reviews, all you need to do is find a producer or a seller in need of a review and be willing to pay for it. You can check for various review networks to use or research for producers and just pitch your review services to them.

Steps For Making Money From Blogging

The following steps are guaranteed to guide you towards monetizing your blog and help you start making money from blogging without leaving the comfort of your home or workspace:

1. Set Up A Blog Of Your Own

make money from blogging

The first step in making money from blogging is creating a blog that will dish out juicy and engaging content for people to read.

Thanks to wordpress, you don’t have to write codes to create the blog of your dreams.

To build a blog that will make money for you, you must first decide on a niche. A blog niche is a topic or area of concentration for your blog, which is based on your interest and the interest of your proposed readers. Here are 140 best niche ideas for blogging to pick from.

2. Publish Engaging Content

With an awesome blog niche and a carefully designed blog, it’s time to publish your first content. Make sure they are insightful, informative, engaging and able to keep your readers interested in coming back.

Don’t forget that content is king. Without the right content, monetizing a blog and earning money from blogging would be nearly impossible.

Check out what Daps thinks about content ????????????????????????????????

the importance of Comments in blogs

3. Build Organic Traffic To Your Website

Organic traffic is the flow of readers to your blog and posts through unpaid search results, and links from other websites.

To build a strong income from blogging, you need high blog traffic, with a guaranteed amount of readers that will generate conversions on your choice of monetization.

Simply put, the higher the traffic to your blog, the higher your chances to earn money from blogging.

A good way to draw traffic is through various social media pages and groups, great SEO and guest articles. So, next time you find yourself on Facebook, please say hi to us at highblogtraffic and let’s keep the conversation going.

4. Build A Community For Your Blog

How are your social media management skills? You would be needing them here at this point. Build a community around your blog to give your readers a hub to rub minds and reach out to you.

You can create a Facebook page, a group or an Instagram account to serve this purpose. 

5. Set-Up And Start Selling Ads

monetizing a blog

As you build upon the number of posts on your blog, you can now consider setting up ads on your blog. You can trust your registered ads network to do the job or just go for direct advertising agreements with top brands and businesses. This is also strongly dependent on high blog traffic, so you must be ready to work to make money from blogging. At this stage, I’ll recommend an account with Google Adsense

6. Sell Your Products or Services

If you have special skills and technical know-how in demand by businesses and individuals, you can start selling your product and services on your blog, as a freelancer. With this, you don’t have to pay for advertising or product reviews. 

7. Makey Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Finally, you can set up your various affiliate marketing channels through links on your blog that allow you to make money from blogging by receiving commissions when your readers complete a purchase through your affiliate links.

Some affiliate programs might require you to have high blog traffic before they verify you, while others might just need to be able to trust you before approving your affiliate program.

With the right niche, interesting content, and great Search Engine Optimization, you can make money from blogging and earn as much income from blogging as you want.

If you stick to the plan and put in the work, monetizing a blog would pay off for you, and help you earn money from blogging right from the comfort of your home.

To spice up your blog posts with amazing images and pictures, check out my post on 20 websites to get free images for blog and graphic designs.

Please let me know how this helps you by leaving a comment. You can also drop a question if you have any. I will be glad to read from you too. 

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