What is search engine optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization? – What You Should Know About SEO

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What is Search Engine Optimization? I’m sure you want to know the secrets to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how to grow your blog with it. How to draw your desired blog traffic.

Let’s say you just created a site that has so much information and you desired to have thousands of visitors but that didn’t happen.

Perhaps you are yet to complete an important task that would give you thousands of visitors, that is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You are about to learn the basics to help you grow your blog traffic and make the income you desire, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Before you proceed, you need to promise yourself to read to the end. The following instruments of Search Engine Optimization have been proven to work if applied correctly.

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What is a Search Engine?

Let’s say you have a question or a topic to research. There is quite a lot of content already provided to answer your questions and give you the right information you need the problem is how to reach and find those answers and information you seek.

A Search Engine is a software program that helps you find what you are looking for on the internet. It’s like an elaborate directory to the internet you can use to search for people, places, things, data, and information that already exist on the internet.

seach engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

There are many search engines in the world such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Google is the most popular among them. Because you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization, you must have searched on Google writing “What is SEO” to help you find this Website.

Suppose, you have a blog or a website of yours on Travels. Now if it is been searched on Google writing “Travel Blog” and your page link is been shown first, that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Keep certain that user who was looking up with “Travel Blog” must visit your site. Search Engine Optimization is how you make that work

It is how you make Google show someone your site, first before all others when there is a search for keywords related to your blog and pages.

Where there are results for “Travel Blog”, the techniques you need to apply to rank first before many other blogs and websites are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What You Should Know

You should know that the competition for traffic from search engines is high. It is a battle for the strong that spares not the weak.

To defend your interest in the areas of niche traffic, you must arm yourself with the right skills and knowledge. You must employ the best techniques for Search Engine Optimization.

Classification Of Search Engine Optimization

There are basically two (2) types of SEO that you can apply to draw traffic to your blog and website:

  • 1. On page SEO: These are the techniques which are mainly formed in the Site such as Title tag, Content, Keyword etc.
  • 2. Off-page SEO: These are techniques which are formed outside of the site for example- paid ads, Blog Forum posting etc.

Paid Search Engine Optimization

Paid search engine optimization is a technique that allows you to pay Google for prioritizing your blog and pages when certain keywords are being searched using the Google search engine.

You can see it as paying Google to refer you when people search for certain keywords you believe are related to your blog, website or pages.

Sometimes when you search on Google, there are some links (normally light maroon) on the top or on the right side of the search result (related to which word you searched).

Google has been paid to present them before anyone searching those particular keywords. Such Optimizations is called paid SEO.

Organic Search Engine Optimization


This can also be called Algorithm SEO. They are the various techniques that you can employ to help you rank high in search results without paying Google to do the job for you.

When links are generally shown on the search result page, that means Google doesn’t highlight them with a particular colour. These are the organic link, such types of optimizations are known as Organic SEO.

To know about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you should know its different objects or terms and techniques. Some of its essential terms are Backlinks, Outbound links, clocking. They are techniques categorized under organic search engine optimization.

When your blog site or page is attached/linked to another site, this is called a Backlink. As the name implies, they are links from other websites or pages that lead back to your blog sites or pages.

They can also be called incoming or inbound links. This link can be your website’s homepage or any other page.

This is the reverse of Backing. When a link points traffic from your site to other sites, this is called an outbound link. Outbound links tell search engines that you are not a loner and give you credibility.

White Hat SEO

If you apply SEO without breaking their guideline or rules and regulation, then such optimization is called white hat SEO. The most vital rule among these guidelines is Creating content in favour of internet users, not for search engines.

There are other techniques aside from the use of backlinks. You can study keywords, create engaging content etc. White hat SEO can also be called Ethical SEO.

Black Hat SEO

When you practice Black hat SEO, you technically break the major rule to writing and providing content with people in mind, instead of search engines. In black hat SEO technique includes the use of keyword stuffing, cloaking, invisible text etc. This is known as Unethical SEO as well

Keyword Stuffing

This is a technical No No for Search Engine Optimization. Keyword stuffing is the use of keyword overloading. I.e writing your keywords too many times where and when not necessary.

Keyword stuffing

This is usually done by writing some of your keywords in the same colour as your website background, thus making them invisible to your readers but readable to search engines

This is also called keyword loading. You might want to stay off this gimmick. If a search engine could read it then would kick the site out with a single click.

The value of your site is usually determined by your link popularity. It occurs on the basis of quality Inbound link (Backlink). Search engines depend on the Link popularity to make their Algorithm. It is a strong item in your Search Engine Optimization.

Where your site appears on search engine results may highly depend on this.  Quality backlinks are outbound links from other related blog sites with good site juice and traffic, to yours.

A link farm is simply creating several numbers of websites just with the intention to share and create backlinks to one another. As a result, it increases each of the sites Backlinks. You should be careful when you do this as search engines frown at site networks.

Your sites can be Spamdexed. Spamdexing is how the search engines indicate you have created spam backlinks. If a search engine gets you spamdexing, then all the processes of SEO might be in danger.

There are many indicators to mark a site as spamdexing. They may vary from such as for Link farm or blog network, keyword stuffing, making Doorway page, and cloaking.

Doorway Page

When you create a page that contains only the specified works that make up a particular keyword phrase you intend to attract, this is called a doorway page. They usually would contain only the keywords but don’t hold enough data for users.

Such pages may also store others page links or redirect to the other page. They are also called Entry page, Portal Page, Jump page, Bridge page and would affect your SEO and lead to very low rankings on search results.

Interlinks are links to other pages on your blog sites that you insert in your pages and articles. They are very important and are necessary to help search engines index your site completely.

They are backlinks from other pages of your blog site thus, they retain traffic within your blog site.


The traffic that visits your blog site is largely determined by many things. Search Engine Optimization is one of them. You must also learn to write and engage your readers with captivating content. For help in these, you can check out others to help you by clicking here.

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