Generating Blog Traffic – 3 Simple Hacks

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Generating blog traffic is the goal and desire of every blogger, content creator or digital entrepreneur. If you fall into any of these categories, then this is for you. I’m sure you’re may have tried many things to get this done, I mean to increase blog traffic.

Getting the attention of the public internet users to consume your content is a thing to bother about. Definitely, increasing blog traffic to your site should be the primary cause for blogging in the first place. Really, there are blogs with about 100,000 weekly traffic and you too can get the same result

There are simple strategies to make your blog the destination of high-volume traffic in 5 weeks. Here are some hacks I have tested and trust to get the job done and increase blog traffic. I’m sure they will help you too.


The following life hacks are trusted to yield the required result you intend for them, only if you carefully dedicate time and effort to see them through.

Also, they are no magic or easy way to generate blog traffic, but you can get what you want if you are ready to get to work. If you are looking for a magic wand effect to get this done, I suggest you set up a huge promotion budget to do the job.

That you’re reading this is enough proof that you are ready and good to go. Let’s make a toast to your dedication already.


Increase blog traffic

Truly, when it comes to blogging, traffic is how you brag. And if you’re into blogging for the money, generating blog traffic is how you build your returns on investment.

Blog traffic basically refers to the flow of visitors and readers from every part of the internet to your blog. It is the number of people that finds their way to you online from any part of the world, through their various devices.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

  1. Email Newsletter
  2. Do keyword research
  3. Use your social media

How To Use Email Newsletters For Generating Blog Traffic

generate blog traffic

This conventional hack remains very effective in increasing blog traffic. Newsletters are emails periodically sent to a large mail distribution list of subscribers or a database of emails. The recipients must have a mutual interest in a certain subject related to your blog writings.

You can reach thousands of people at once with just a few clicks, guiding them to your blog sites using a special call to action.

For this to work, you should be sure every address on your mail list is interested in your blog niche. These are a few tips for generating blog traffic using newsletters:

  1. First, ensure every address on your mailing list is a potential reader of your blog niche and content.
  2. Set up an email marketing account or newsletter with a trusted email marketing service provider like Mailchimp, Mad Mini etc.
  3. Make sure to write short but captivating excerpts of your blog post to broadcast in an email campaign
  4. Add a clear call to action that guides your recipients to your blog sites through backlinks to your blog posts.
  5. For newsletters, mail headers are the first impressions. Make the most of it.
  6. Include nice and beautiful images to hold the attention of the recipient.

With the right newsletter campaign, you can generate blog traffic and increase blog traffic to your sites with over 1,000 visitors in 24 hours.

How To Use Keyword Research For Generating Blog Traffic

For every blogger, keyword research remains a necessary tool. It involves carefully enquiring to know the exact subjects and aspects of your blog niche in demand by the public. Apparently, it’s like checking to know the choice of a customer seeking to have a meal, through a menu, before serving a meal.

When you write as per the demand of your readers or potential readers, you bring them to feast on your blog posts. With the right keyword research, you can increase blog traffic by targeting the exact words and phrases highly searched for on the internet.

These simple tips will help you generate blog traffic or increase blog traffic to your blogs:

  1. Look for the right words and phrases with the highest search volumes and low competition and base your content and articles on them.
  2. Avoid short-tail keywords and go for longer phrases that are most likely to be used when searching for content related to your blog niche.
  3. Identify synonyms of key phrases and keywords with high search volume on the internet.
  4. Pay attention to high-volume key phrases with low competition.

Some useful tools to help you with great keyword research are:
Google keyword planner

How To Use Social Media For Generating Blog Traffic

high blog traffic

Social media is a forever effective hack to increase blog traffic. Hundreds of millions of people use social media daily. You can draw your audience’s attention and generate blog traffic if you play your cards right.

With social media, anything can be done. Various social media platform allows you to gather an audience and communicate your offers and blog contents through a creative call to action that backlinks to your blog post and blog pages.

These few tips will get you on the go and increase blog traffic to your blog posts as desired:

  1. Create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc account, page or group for your blog.
  2. Invite friends and family to like, join and follow your page, account or group.
  3. Engage your social media account, page, or group with a call to action and backlinks to your blog post regularly.
  4. Encourage friends and family to like, share, gag or retweet your content and posts.
  5. Use bright and beautiful images and pictures to draw the attention of your audience.


Whatever option you choose to go with or however you decide to blend the above Hacks to generate blog traffic, be sure to get to work to see results. They have all been tested and trusted to be effective for generating blog traffic and increasing blog traffic to a blog post or page.

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