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The Slavery Of Blog Content Creation For Newbie Bloggers

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In the beginning, newbie bloggers are tempted and taught to believe that quality blog content creation is the powerhouse of your blogging career and that without content, you’re doomed.

The problem with this advice is that it turned many bloggers into content slaves.

I’ve often gotten calls from my clients, asking for recommendations for the best auto-blogging plugin for WordPress. Some are even willing to pay me to set up one for them, I had to do a video recently on setting up auto blogs.

I don’t blame them. They were just tired of posting news articles on a daily basis. That’s a heck of a heart-sinking job. Don’t you think so?

Churning out content, I mean creating good blog content from time to time can be a lonely high hill to climb.

Bloggers are turned into slaves without their permission.

Am I Saying Blog Content Creation Is Wrong?

Of course not, but for newbie bloggers, it’s wise to focus on relationship building, and blogging strategies, rather than posting articles that might end up not being read.

It’s like shouting in the desert where no one is listening.

Now, let’s see a shocking fact…

Did you know 95% of the earth is covered by water?

Shocking right?

Literarily, the whole landmass from one continent to another is just 5% of the whole damn earth.

Do you know what is more shocking?

95% of blogs also fail. Just a tiny piece of the successful 5% is what we see in the blogosphere.

Is someone asking if “blog content creation slavery” is a reason why some blogs fail?

Your guess is as good as mine.


How to get the attention of anyone (even if you are a nobody)?

You are a blogger and you sure know what you want: traffic and quick exposure

But the problem?

You don’t know how to get them. You don’t know how to put all these things together.

Generating traffic is not as easy as you think.

It all boils down to four things:

  •   Finding a large and responsive market with potential readers.
  •  Build strong and lasting relationships with influencers in your niche.
  • Converting those readers into subscribers
  • Selling your product and services to different segments of your list.

The result?

No one has been able to do the four things I mentioned above and has not been able to create a fortune blogging.

The result is simply a life of passive income, business deals and fame.

Sound easy right?

But am sorry it’s not… especially if you’ve not gotten up to 1000 subscribers yet.

Objection My Lord, What About Making Money?

Isn’t it also important?

Well, the truth is, it’s not important to think of making money at the beginning.


Profit is made by selling or offering services, so at the beginning, you have no connections, list or traffic, so stop thinking about money and focus on creating value for other blogs.

I watch some bloggers obsessed with getting Google AdSense approval and after that, they end up not making a dime because they don’t have the type of traffic I want to teach you to gain.

You might still want to ask, what about search engine optimization and publishing lots of content on directories?

Well, all those are waste of time too for newbie bloggers and that is where real mentorship comes in.

Someone who understands exactly what you’re going through. Not bloggers who just tell you what to do without actually showing you how to do it.

The Power Of a Mentor

You need a mentor, a teacher. Someone to help you overcome the hurdles and point and lead you in the right direction: at least away from the slavery of blog content creation

Avoid The Young Zebra’s Ordeal (You Can’t Do It Alone)

I remember as I watched.

This razor-toothed crocodile was in No mood for mercy after a zebra foal lost its footing while crossing the Mara River in Kenya.

The zebra herds had to cross the river in order to continue their migration to Tanzania in search of fresh grazing.

The rest of the herds successfully made it across, Shepard by a matured zebra. But a solitary young star slipped into deeper water and the croc quickly closed in for the kill. The crocodile went straight for the foal’s neck and after a brief struggle pulled it beneath the surface. The zebra never stood a chance.


The other zebras crossed the dangerous River successfully. Why because they had a mentor who led them through the river of death.

The young zebra went alone. He was lonely and he lost his footing and died a painful death.

Blogging is no different:

Do you want to succeed and overcome? Don’t try to run alone. Don’t try to be a superman.

Follow a mentor’s advice and do just as you are told. So, that means you must choose your mentor well.

A more pressing problem:

You Have Limited Time Daily To Do Everything

You see, you don’t have all the time in the world to do everything

That’s why you should only focus on things that work at the moment, except if you have 50 hours daily and except you admit been a superman.

You can’t do everything.

The truth is that you have your blog design to optimize, blog content creation, interviews, guest posting, social media creating infographics and promoting them on Pinterest, writing short posts for Google + commenting on forums and other blogs. Creating podcasts, YouTube videos, writing products and so on

Can you do all that?

Well, it’s possible but you will end up wearing yourself out.


When I started, years ago, I had no audience, no backlinks and no reputation online.

Frankly speaking; I was a nobody starting out as a blogger. I took the advice of building a list in a report on the blog profit blueprint by Yaro Starek.

Waited for another 7 months before it dawned on me that I was wasting my time online.

Would you believe that I started writing on other blogs as a guest author and within 23 days I gained 2108 email lists and more than 803 backlinks?

Maybe just like you, I did all that from scratch, with no credibility, no track record and no attractive blog.

It was all fueled by the determination to succeed. Was just not ready to give in to “quantity content on my blog” which is spreading widely in the blogosphere.

So What’s The Most Powerful Idea for Gaining A Massive Audience?

It’s not in SEO or more content. It’s in knowing where your audiences are and having the right hook to capture them.


Forget your blog and start guest posting, just make sure you are making noise on a big platform in your niche. It’s useless posting on your blog ALONE in the beginning when no one is ready to listen to what you have to say.


Guest posting will fast-track your credibility and make your feathers strong enough to fly to the world of influential bloggers.

Use microblogging platforms like Quora, Wikipedia or Medium as well, since they have all the traffic you need.

You will also gain quality backlinks and subscribers. Isn’t that how influential bloggers kill it?

I spoke about the influential bloggers’ traffic flow in this blog post, you may want to read it.

They are real people with experience, and knowledge and have graciously crossed the sea of blogging noise.

To succeed as a blogger, you need to be real. You need to fearlessly go to them and ask them to help you.

And there is no easy way to achieve this. Because many of them will not listen to you

So, you need to find a way to do either of these things:

1.  Be friends with them

2.  And make them talk about you in every way possible.

What about Seo?

The best backlink strategy you can have is from influential blogs. One backlink can help you gain rankings and massive traffic from their social handles.


Some influential bloggers have thousands of followers, some are in the categories of millions and a mention of you or your link will have viral effects and that’ll be good for your new blog’s ranking

The painful truth

It’s not easy to get the influencers talking about you.


The truth is no one cares about you or your blog.

The influential bloggers are too busy, too busy to see what you have to offer.

They have blogs to update, emails to respond to, blog content creation, answering questions from clients and students, writing for other blogs, maintaining their servers, and keeping relationships strong.

That’s not all.

They have conferences to attend, the next course or product launch, and family and friends to attend to.

So what is your chance?

How To Get What You Want From Niche Influencers

The secret? It’s simple.

Getting attention doesn’t have to be difficult.

In the 48 laws of powers, Law 5 states clearly that if you want anything from anybody:

You should appeal to their interest, not to their mercy.


Get them what they want and then ask for a favour.

So to get attention and favour, you must find a way to appear on their radar and the simple way to do that is to do the following.

  • Buy their premium product
  • Interview them
  •  Guest post for them
  • Attend their conferences
  •  Be their consulting client
  • Say nice things about them on social media and tag them

And once you do, you’ll appear on their priority list.

That’s the only secret to building a long-lasting and rewarding relationship that will get them talking about you. They will happily read every of your blog post and will be willing to collaborate with you at no extra cost.

I must mention that this is not expressed. For some, you might catch their attention by just doing one of the above and some may never give you any attention.

But, if you practice this, you will definitely get some attention.

There is a problem, I know.

You Are Also Busy

The truth is, most of the blog traffic guides online are for guys who are jobless and have all the time in the world to implement everything.

What about you?

I’ll be right to say you don’t have all the time to keep doing the useless thing, prescribed in those e-books.

You have school, family business and other critical things to attend to. No time to study and implement hundreds of blog traffic tips.

You’ll surely need a guide

Someone to help you build your blog like a pro

You need a fellow who understands your state and is willing to help you achieve quick positive results from your blogging efforts.

So let me ask you a blunt question.

What if I hand you over a briefcase with everything you need to generate quick traffic and make passive income?

Again, what if I give you everything you need to succeed and generate over 30,000 daily readers? What if I give you an opportunity to be my friend and learn everything I know about building traffic?

Would you take it?

I’m not talking about those flimsy home study courses with few answers to your most pressing questions

I’m talking about taking you behind the scenes of some of the most interactive blogs in the world and deconstructing their traffic strategies.

Not just that, I will be talking about positioning your blog, I’ll also read your post and if I think you are ready, I would connect you with some influencers I know personally.

I will be here to respond to every one of your emails in regards to technical issues and so on and within 24 hours, I’ll respond to you personally.

I’ll hand you over the swipe files, templates and cheat sheets. So you feel you are fully equipped, ready and secured about every of your blogging decisions.

The cost…

Well, it was cheap. And for less than you expect. Certainly for less than it’s worth.

I’ll also be offering coaching calls to students who meet certain criteria.

And just to ease your mind. This is not a sales pitch. You can’t join today even if you want to. I’ve not launched any coaching program just yet.

What you can do is download our cheat sheet if you haven’t, read it, and reply to our email asking when our mentorship program will be open.

I will respond to you personally.

That way you’ll be the first to know when we launch our blog and mentorship program.

I have lots more educational programs and resources coming your way.

Frankly, I can only mentor a small number of people, so my goal is to help you regardless of whether we work together or not. If you are serious about blogging, I’m serious about helping you even if you never pay me.

Not because it’s a profitable thing to do. Not because I want to feel like you owe me.

It’s because I’m tired of watching smart people like you stumble around in the dark, and turned into slaves of blog content creation. The least I can do is turn on the light and point you in the right direction.

The world needs serious bloggers.

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